Permanent Hair Removal

Pamela Interrante

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Pamela's Certifications

Pamela Interrante provides trusted and effective hair removal treatments for all skin types and genders through her extensive knowledge and experience in the field.  Electrolysis and laser hair removal are both very valuable, safe and effective.  When combined, both treatments can provide the ultimate results in permanent hair removal.  With over 19 years experience in the field, Pamela is confident she can assist you with any of your hair removal needs.

Pamela's Laser

Pamela was one of the first laser technicians to gain significant experience with Candela’s ND-Yag laser for darker skin types.  She has also provided insight to Candela’s engineers on ways to improve the operation and performance of their Alexandrite and ND-Yag lasers over the years.

Transgender Community

Pamela has extensive experience in treating the Transgender community.  She provides a safe, knowledgeable environment for transitioning clients. Treating patients with Laser Hair Removal in a medical setting enables Pamela to accept insurance carriers who approve the patient's treatment along with Mystic Valley Dermatology's acceptance of that insurance.  In many cases, patients need both laser hair removal and electrolysis to prepare for reassignment surgery.